This list was originally created in August 2009 by Ken Burbary and Adam Cohen, to simplify the process of identifying and selecting the appropriate social media monitoring tools and platforms.

To become a contributor

It's easy.  Send an email to and I'll set you up with collaborator access with that email address.

Hint: if you already have a Gmail/Google account, request the invite from that address.  This will save you the hassle of having to create a new Google account from a different address just to log in.

This will allow you to:
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Unfortunately, Google Sites does not allow for anonymous editing.  Once you gain access to the wiki, please add your information to the Contributors page.

The mechanics of contributing

Once you are set up with a Social Media Monitoring Wiki login, you can add examples to the list.
  1. Click on the "Add Item" button - not the "customize this list" link!
  2. Company Name:  In the "web address" box, enter the company's main web site.  In the "display text" box, enter the company's name.  This will be the hyperlinked text.
  3. Description:  In the "web address" box, enter a link to the initiative or a citation of the example (e.g. blog post or news story).  In the "display text" box, enter a brief description of the example.  This will be the hyperlinked text.
  4. Media Type:  Choose a social media channel from the drop down list.  If you feel something is missing, leave a comment on the Improvements page.
  5. Industry:  Choose an industry where this example applies from the drop down list.  If you feel an industry is missing, leave a comment on the Improvements page.  
  6. Country:  Choose the country that this example targets from the drop down list.  If you feel a country is missing, leave a comment on the Improvements page.
  7. Submitted By:  Very important.  In the "web address" box, enter a link to your web site.  If you want to remain anonymous, link to the company's main site again.  Something must be entered, or the cell will appear blank.  In the "display text" box, enter how you'd like to be cited.  This will be the hyperlinked text.
Note:  It's HIGHLY UNLIKELY that you'll need to actually change the columns or options on a page - so think twice before you decide to customize any lists.  Thanks!